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DIY Kit “Do It Yourself” Pool House, She Shed, Storage Barn KIT

This kit provides the instructions, and key pre-assembled components to assist you in building your own Garden Shed at a greatly reduced price.

Key Components Included in this kit are:

-4 x 4 Pressure Treated Skids precut to length

-2 x 4 Pressure Treated Floor Joists precut to length

-Wall Components are prebuilt in 4’ wide sections for easy handling and predesigned to fit together in a step by step sequence. Wall components are constructed with 2 x 4 studs and premium siding.

-Roof Trusses and Gable Ends come prebuilt and ready for installation.

-Trim Boards are provided

-Hardware such as: door hinges, latch, and hurricane ties for roof trusses are provided.

-2 White Vinyl Insulated Windows 2030 (2’ wide by 3’ tall) with screens and grids

Skill Level: This kit is designed to take the difficulty out of building your own shed. Many of the complexities have been pre-designed and pre-built such as wall construction, door construction, framing and installation of windows, including truss design and fabrication. You will need some basic ability to use a tape measure, circular saw, and driving nails with a hammer. There will be several cuts necessary fitting the plywood on the floor, several cuts needed fitting the "OSB" on the roof, and some cutting for installing the trim. You should plan on having at least one other person helping you, with at least one of you having the skills mentioned above.

Instructions: Instructions are provided with the KIT in a step by step process starting with the floor components all the way through finishing with the roof and trim installation. With the assistance of a friend or two, you should be able to accomplish much over a weekend.

Delivery Included: Delivery is included with the kit within 100 miles of 31543 zip code. Delivery can be arraigned for greater distances for a modest fee.

Building Permits and Code Compliance: Check with your local building code authority concerning what is required. Often when a storage building is less than 120 square feet, a permit may not be needed. You the home owner are typically allowed to be your own contractor. This kit provides the ability to abide by local codes, and empowers you to build your own shed at a reduced cost.

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